4 Signs You Should Invest In an Online Shop

Modeling success is a great way to get ahead with eCommerce. Following in the footsteps of an established brand like Angelique Lingerie is a fantastic strategy. They’ve made a name for themselves offering plus size intimates, and is a brand to follow in 2016 and beyond.

Just a few months, a completely online-based business went public in the US stock exchange. The Chinese based company, Alibaba made billions of dollars on its IPO. This put them on the same level as social media giant Facebook, which is an online based business.


Gone are the days when eCommerce was a few unsecured websites, where credit card data was easily stolen. At the time, many people were suspicious about even logging in onto the internet. There have been great improvements and this market has demonstrated it has a lot of potential over the past few years.

Huge Increase in the Number of Internet Users

From its formative years where there were just a few million regular internet users, usage has risen astronomically. As of now, more than a billion people regularly use the internet. This presents a huge market potential for small businesses that are struggling to make sales. This figure is expected to rise over the year as the technology for internet connectivity becomes cheaper and more efficient. Out of the world’s nine billion inhabitants, more than 40% use the internet. The internet presents an opportunity that has never existed before in history.

Setting Up eCommerce is Easier

A few years ago, the legislation for eCommerce business was very sparse. As a result, most businesses were unwilling to invest in the infrastructure. This is because there was no protection for such an investment. Currently, there legal and software infrastructure for setting up and eCommerce business is very efficient. Many companies have invested a lot of resource into making this process much simpler. As a result, people seeking to set up an online shop are going to have a very simple time doing so.

Growing Trust among Consumers

The reason most people were unwilling to conduct business was how unsafe it was. In addition, the numbers of successful prosecutions were very low. This is because the prosecutors themselves did not fully understand what they were dealing with. However, this has since changed. Many companies have created software that makes the entire process much safer. As a result, most people who buy products online are not conned. This has led to increased in trust from consumers even for non-essential products.

Online Products Are Cheaper

Many online shops do not have to deal with the costs of maintaining a store. This includes physical repairs, burglaries, insurance from fires, and damage from natural occurrences. This makes it possible for online shops to sell their merchandise at a lower price. This trend is unlikely to change. Some online stores have managed to be so efficient that the price of a product may go down by as much as half. The only expenses incurred are the cost of internet and the hosting expenses, which are very low compared to running an actual store.


Generally, running an online shop is more efficient and cheaper. Current data indicates that this is the future of conducting business. Any entrepreneur thinking of setting up a business venture should definitely consider the advantages of an online shop.

Do SEO-Ready Ecommerce Platforms Help Your Online Store More?

Today’s post is not about just ecommerce platforms, it’s about SEO-ready ecommerce solutions. Regular ecommerce platforms are quite abundant in today’s online market – there’s over 400 to choose from.

And there’s no shortage of software startups promising the next big thing to businesses who are going to sell online for the very first time. No, today’s topic is much more interesting than that. You see, there are two general classes of shopping cart software: those who will help you succeed and those who won’t.


Like the solutions for an eCommerce website by Pinnacle, the best ecommerce platforms are always SEO-ready. Search Engine Optimization is all-embracing: it determines if people will find your store when they search for a product on Google. It’s SEO that makes individual product pages relevant to local and international customers. It’s still SEO that makes you rank higher for your target keywords. In short, a non-SEO optimized online store is not equipped for success.

What does an SEO-optimized platform look like?

1.) It has optimized navigation links, to make Web pages more searchable and presentable. Ultra-long titles are shortened to make the user search more focused. Some platforms offer automatic truncation of navigation links with an added bonus of “logical linking” to the mother category of the product.

2.) It allows the owner to fully customize H1 headings of individual products. H1 headings have a huge impact on the relevance on an online store as a whole. The Internet works because of search engines and we have to play by the rules set by the “big boys” of online search. If you want to target relevant and popular keywords in your market, this is one of the best ways to do it.

3.) It should allow you to specify canonical links, so search engines will not slam your website for having duplicate content throughout the system. When a product falls into several categories (such as in the case of Amazon products), you have to mark the main category to ensure that the “duplicate content” penalty is not levied on your website. Yes, SEO is that specific most of the time.

4.) It provides the ability to host your own blog, so you can feature special products and promotions. An ideal ecommerce platforms should offer this service as a part of its most basic package. Why? Because blogging is one of the simplest activities you can do online and the infrastructure needed to integrate a blog to an online store is also very lightweight. So if you have to pay extra for an integrated blogging service, you’re not really getting your money’s worth, in our opinion

5.) It is geared for social media. If you want your store’s exposure and reputation to increase rapidly, even exponentially, you must never neglect the power of social media. Special buttons that allow people to share the content of your online store to their Facebook, Twitter or Digg accounts are a must. These buttons must also be easy to place on ever Web page, so you never miss a chance to offer customers the opportunity to share your products to their friends and acquaintances online.

6.) It is automated! Every online store should have an automatic system for generating new entries in the XML sitemap. While the sitemap can be coded manually, this is no longer practical for larger online stores with dozens or hundreds of different products.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s very important to remember that SEO is essential for online retailing success. If you have any more questions about SEO for your online store or building an internet shop, let the experts of PinnacleCart know.  They’ll be happy to help.

Master The Art Of Video Marketing With These 3 Tips

Video marketing has become pretty popular with the advent of the Internet and the digital age. Now companies can reach more customers– as well as potential customers– than ever before.

Marketing on the world wide web has only gotten more common and more sophisticated as time has gone on. People love videos, and it’s been shown that having video content means that people will linger on a site for longer. After all, it’s much more noticeable and engaging than just words alone sometimes. All people have to do is click play.


So, what’s the big secret to successful video marketing online? The whole thing is a mystery to some, while others consider it a type of art form. Check out these ways that you can master video marketing using these three awesome tips.

1. Make Sure Your Video Is Quality Content

The first step to video marketing is to perfect what you’re putting out there. The Eight Fold Path in Buddhism has eight ways that one can ascend and achieve enlightenment. One of those is right speech, while another is right thought. Everything that you put out into the universe is out there and you can’t take it back.

Video marketing isn’t quite that serious, but it is true that putting out a sub-par video is a bit of an exercise in efficiency; after all, it’s almost like wasted time. If a video is so bad or boring as to turn off the reader or make them disconnect, then it’s not going to generate many positive results. If you’re going to market using video, make sure the video you’re putting out there is worth the time.

2. Find or Make Sites That Will Share Your Video

Video marketing is all about getting tons of people to see your video! If a video goes viral, so much the better. The goal is to get as many people to see it as possible. Think of how a plant sends out thousands of seeds in the hopes that some of those seeds will take root, sprout and grow. Putting your video on multiple sites gets thousands of eyes on it. Contact a couple sites relevant to your marketing or that host videos and see if they’re willing to host your video— or make your own site and put it up. Videos on your home page still attract a ton of viewers.

3. Find The Right Audience

At the end of the day, you need the right audience for the type of videos you’re putting out there. Depending on the product, service, or business, this could be any number of people. Female razors will likely cater to an all-girl crowd under 50, while a golf course or writing lessons could be relevant to all kinds of people, depending on how you niche it down. Think about who will respond most to the thing you are marketing and get the video to them! Whether by email, posting on YouTube, drawing attention through social media, or hosting it on your site and attracting traffic there, make sure that you market directly to your chosen demographic.

That is how you turn video marketing into an art form! It’s one that takes some time to craft, but it all boils down to using your head and doing things really in the best way possible. Video marketing can take some work, but it’s too valuable to waste time doing wrong. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Researching the City of Scottsdale, Arizona Online

Scottsdale is one of the wonderful cities in Arizona. Scottsdale offers properties and characteristics that you would expect in any city. There are many parks, family activities, and residential properties. But, that is just the tip of the iceberg of what Scottsdale has to offer. There are also several unique properties and characteristics of Scottsdale, Arizona that make it a great place to live.

Historic Properties

There are many home buyers that want one of the Homes for Sale in Scottsdale. It does allow you to see your home built from the ground up. But, if you are like me then you enjoy older homes. They just have more character and are less “cookie cutter” than a homes built today. If you are like me then Scottsdale, Arizona offers some great properties for you. Scottsdale even has a complete neighborhood full of historic homes. It is known as “Old Town”.


It is Located in the Desert

I realize this may seem as a given. If you know anything about Arizona then you know a large portion of it is desert. But, you may not realize that being in the desert gives birth to some unique property features. You can find properties that take advantage of the large amount of sun with features like skylights. The desert also makes it harder on traditional “stick built” homes. Architects and builders responded to this by using building materials that you may not find in other places. This creates homes with a wonderful and unique look.

Scottsdale Has Received Many Awards

There are many groups that rank cities. These rankings are made on almost any category that you can imagine including livability, historical significance, schools, age of the city, etc. Scottsdale has been named among the best cities for many of these categories. Scottsdale has received awards such as “Ten Best New Cities” by Food and Wine, a listing as “A Fabulous Place to Retire”, named “Number One Resort Community”, and the US Conference of Mayors named it among the nation’s “Most Livable Cities”, and lasted named “The Most Western Town”.

Close to Many Great Attractions

Scottsdale is much more than just great and unique properties. It also has a great location for day trips. There are multiple wonderful lakes within an hour’s drive. If you like boating, fishing, or just being around a great lake then you will spend many weekends enjoying yourself. It also is located close to Red Rock Canyon. This is a very scenic and beautiful place to create memories and get some pictures that you will remember for decades.

If you are considering moving to Arizona but not quite sure which city is right for you then consider Scottsdale, Arizona. The desert atmosphere has given birth to architecture that will provide you a home that others will envy. Starting your search for an Arizona home is easy here. There are many great attractions to keep you and your family busy for years. It has been highly acclaimed by many different sources. These are just a few of the unique properties and characteristics of Scottsdale, Arizona that makes a wonderful place to live and/or raise a family.

How Social Media Can Increase Your Income

Social media has grown exponentially over the last few years. You have probably been asked if you are Facebook or Twitter. People are using these for a variety of reasons including keeping in touch with old friends, messaging family, showing off their pets, and even showing off their dinner. But, businesses also are finding out that they have a huge opportunity thanks to social media marketing. Let’s look at how social media can increase your income.

Increase Website/Blog Traffic

Among SEO “gurus” there used to be some mixed reviews about this. One camp believed that other things like commenting on blogs, commenting on message boards, and guest posting was simply easier. They thought that spending the time on social media was just too much trouble. The other camp saw the huge potential for traffic that social media could provide.

2013, stopped this argument altogether. This is when Google put into place an algorithm update that would change the paradigm of online marketing. Up to this point, Google’s search engine rankings were heavy on backlinks and simply having content. It really didn’t matter where these came from. Want to post 10,000 blog comments with links to your site, go for it. But, this update moved to looking at the quality of the backlinks, where they were coming from, and if they were editorial links or not.


Increase Backlinks

This change brings us into the next way that social media can increase your income. Google’s algorithm change made many common forms of online marketing just not worth the trouble such as blog commenting, forum commenting, and get links from anywhere and everywhere. Other activities became so flooded that their effectiveness was diminished such as guest blogging. This is still a great method but now there are so many trying to get a guest post spot that quality sites are inundated with requests.

But, you still need backlinks. This is where social media stepped up. It was already a great way to get your message in front of a lot of people. If you are offering content that people find funny, engaging, and/or interesting then they will tell people about it. This provides you more visibility across social media.

Some of these people will share the information offline. They will repost it on their own blogs and tell their visitors about it. This is where social media goes beyond just providing visitors and can increase your search engine rankings. This is because some of these links will come from an editorial link. This is simply a link that is placed inside the body of a piece of content. Google loves these because it means that someone liked your content enough to take the time to put the link there.

Has your view of the potential of social media changed? No matter what type of product or service you are selling online then social media can increase your success. It gets eyeballs on your content. It builds your brand in people’s minds. It provides the critically important backlinks from authority sites that Google is looking for.  We hope you now have a better understanding of how social media can increase your income.

7 Facts About Marketing Strategies That Will Impress Your Friends

Are you tired of articles about internet marketing that just goes over the same old stuff? Wondering why you are following this information and just not getting the results that you want? Well, consider these 7 facts about marketing strategies that will impress your friends.

Multiple Daily Posts May Not Be a Good Idea

We all know that today content is king. So, it may seem logical that the more information you put out each day then the more visitors you will get. However, statistics show a different picture. Track Social reported that if you post more than once per day that you receive 43% less social media likes and 12% less comments per post.


Companies Don’t Ask for Action

Your social media messages should ask the person to do something. For  example,  you should include “Tweet This!” Epsilon and DMA reports including these messages will increase the response to these messages by 119%. That is huge.

Companies Don’t Stay Engaged

You work hard to get visitors and social media followers. So, why wouldn’t you want to stay engaged with them? Factbrowser found that most companies don’t do this. They found that only 30% of companies respond to social media feedback.

Tablets Usage is High

OPA reported that the average person is spending just shy of 14 hours a week on their tablets. It is becoming the new laptop. If you have not optimized your site for viewing on a tablet then you are leaving this market out in the cold.

Underestimate the Power of the Internet

Purchases on the internet are growing at a higher rate than most people expected. It is becoming a huge part of our economy. Forrester Research reports that by the end of next year, half of the dollars spent by consumers will be done online. This provides even more reason to make sure that you are optimizing your web presence.

Companies Aren’t Making Sure Email is Getting Noticed

We all know that email marketing can be a highly successful method. But, most companies don’t realize that everyone else is doing it to. This can be seen in statistics reported by Mimecast. They report that 61% of emails received are non-essential. This mean that our inboxes are being flooded with email. Getting yours noticed means taking into account timing, perceived value, and personalization.

Most Underestimate the Power of Facebook

Facebook is seen by many to be a source of quality information. This is mainly due to the fact that the information is coming from people they trust. Ipsos reported that 20% of the users on Facebook bought something because they saw an ad and/or comment about it.

There is no doubt that online marketing has exploded. This can seem like the market is flooded. These facts show a different story. While many people are trying to reach this huge market but many of them are not doing everything they can to get the greatest benefits. Use these 7 facts about marketing that will impress your friends to supercharge your marketing.